A massage turns into a sleeping fetish moment for the masseuse.

Sleeping Tushy stepped up to the plate and roped a solid hit with this new update. This babe came into a spa to get a massage and it turned into a hot sleeping fetish moment for the babe giving her the sensual rubdown. The sleeping fetish movies on this one are a must see.

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She came in and climbed up on the table to get rubbed down. It felt so good and was so relaxing the girl fell asleep in no time. When the masseuse saw she was sleeping she made her move and started massaging her ass. She slipped her hands into the panties then when she didn’t wake up she slowly eased the panties all the way off.

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As she rubbed the sleeping girl’s pussy the girl woke up and rolled over. She liked getting her pussy and ass rubbed and licked. She told the masseuse to get into her purse and get the toy that was in there. Like a good masseuse she did what the client wanted, got the toy and fucked her with it until she came. She got everything she could want – a hot naked girl, some sleeping sex and now a taste of that pink pussy.


Two girls sleeping in the locker room get their asses worked over.

Sleeping Tushy has just updated with one of the hottest new updates I have seen in a long time. This new update finds two hotties asleep in the locker room when two other girls and a guy find them and decide to have sleeping sex with them. The sleeping fetish movies that come from this update are so hot you will explode.

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These two babes saw their team mates asleep in the locker room. They went out and grabbed a guy friend of theirs and all three decided to see what they could do to these sleeping girls. With little effort they got the girls naked then both girls licked the sleeping girls asses. It was ass licking in tandem as they lived out their sleeping fetishes while the guy watched.

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He wanted in on the fun so he pulled his cock out and the girls grabbed it and started to jerk it while he rubbed it on the sleeping girl’s ass. The girls continued to jerk him off as they looked at the hot sleeping girl’s bodies. As he came the two awake babes milked him dry, shooting his hot load all over the sleeping babe’s nice ass. When the had lived out their sleeping fetish they left, leaving the girls asleep with their panties down and one of them covered in jizz.


Sleeping fetish movies of a girl licking her sleeping girlfriends ass.

Sleeping Tushy scours the globe to find some of the hottest, craziest girls who are into some crazy sleeping fetishes. This new update has a sleeping girl that has one of the best asses I have ever seen and she gets that ass licked good. The sleeping fetish movies are red hot.

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Laura walked in and saw her sexy roommate asleep on the couch. She pulled the blanket off of her and saw she was in her panties. Her ass was perfect and Laura couldn’t help her self. She slid her hands up under her panties and grabbed that amazing ass. When her sleeping girlfriend didn’t wake she pulled her panties down and grabbed those sweet cheeks.

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She spread her ass wide open and slid her tongue right in that sleeping girl’s ass. She licked her deep and tossed her salad. As she lived out her sleeping fetish and ate her ass she started slipping her tongue right in that ass. Her roommate started to stir and wake up so she pulled her tongue out and took off. The sleeping girl woke up and wondered why her panties were down and her ass was wet.


Sleeping fetish movie of a girl sleeping during a massage and getting her ass licked.

Sleeping Tushy got an unusual update this week. They always have hot sleeping girls getting their asses licked, but this time nobody saw it coming since it happened at a spa. The sleeping fetish movies is pretty wicked and well worth taking a look at. Here are some pics from it.

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This girl came in for a massage. She stripped down to just her panties and laid out on the table. The sensual massage was so relaxing that she fell asleep right there on the table. She had no idea that the masseuse had a sleeping fetish. Once she realized the girl was asleep she pulled her panties down and started rubbing the sleeping girl’s ass.

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When she didn’t wake up from that the horny masseuse took it one step further. She spread the sleeping girl’s ass wide open and licked her ass. She tossed her salad as she ate that ass like it was prime rib. The girl woke as her ass was getting licked, but she loved it so much she just let the masseuse service her until she came right there on the table.


Licking her sleeping friend’s ass is fun.

Sleeping Tushy just updated their site with two of the hottest girls licking ass that I have ever seen. This new update is someone that is into sleep fetishes wet dream. The girls are hot, the tonguing is wet and dirty and I just about lost it after about 2 minutes of the movie. Here are some pics from the sleep fetish movie for you to enjoy.

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Katy got up and found her friend still fast asleep on the floor. She looked so adorable that Katy started touching her body. When her friend didn’t move she slid her panties down and felt that amazing tight ass. As she spread her ass cheeks open she thought her friend moved, but it was just a small snore and nothing major.

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Katy leaned in and licked her ass. She slid her tongue right in her ass and it tasted so much that she kept tonguing and fingering her, tossing her salad and really licking her ass. Katy was getting wet as she has sleeping sex with her girlfriend. As her friend started to stir Katy pulled her panties back up and snuck out of the room.


Anal movies of a girl exploring her sleeping girlfriend’s ass.

Sleeping Tushy continues to find hot girls with a major sleeping fetish. This is fine by me because I love seeing some of the wild stuff they come up with. This new update on the site is smoking hot. The sleeping girl has an ass that is so hot you can’t blame her girlfriend for wanting to lick it. IT is one of the hottest anal movies you will see.

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Lucy came home and saw  Tara fast asleep in just a t-shirt and panties. She crawled up on the bed and when Tara didn’t wake up Lucy decided to grope her a little and she slid her hands inside Tara’s panties. Her ass is so firm and perfect that Lucy started to get wet. She pulled Tara’s panties down and spread her ass cheeks. Tara didn’t budge

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With her ass cheeks spread wide open Lucy leaned in a licked her ass. She gave her a full lesbian rim job and and ate her sleeping ass as she lay there. She was so turned on she wanted to anal finger fuck her so she slid a finger into Tara’s super tight ass and banged her a little bit. After finger and licking her ass she pulled Tara’s panties back up and let her sleep.


Anal movies of a girl licking her sleeping roommates ass.

When it comes to sleeping fetishes nobody does it better than Sleeping Tushy. They are probably the only site I have ever seen that truly explores the sleeping fetish and I know they are the only sleeping fetish site with a very anal slant to it. This new updated they just added to their site really illustrates that well.

This babe came home and saw her roommate taking a nap. She pulled her blanket off her and saw she was wearing some cute little panties. She had always thought that her roommate was hot so she decided to get a feel and grab her ass while she was sleeping. Her ass was so tight and nice she knew she had to lick it.

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She pulled her panties off and her roommate slept right through it. As she rubbed and felt her tight ass she spread her cheeks open and licked her asshole with her pierced tongue. This babe has a total sleeping fetish and an oral fixation so as she pressed her tongue against her sleeping roommate’s ass she could feel her pussy getting wet.

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She licked that ass and even stuck a finger in her ass as she tossed her salad. Her roommate was sleeping so hard she didn’t even budge as she slid her tongue all the way into her ass. It was so hot she nearly came while doing it. Sleeping Tushy strikes again!


Lesbian sleeping fetish movies for your enjoyment

Cruising around checking out Sleeping Tushy today I came up with something that really fired my jets and I decided that the sleeping fetish movies in it were so hot that I had to share them with you.  It seems this girl got hired to be a part time maid at this house and one afternoon she showed up at the house to do her normal cleaning duties and she found the owner of the house fast asleep on the floor in front of the fireplace.

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She walked over to see if she was okay then realized she was just sleeping so she decided to have a little fun. She is totally into girls so she slid her hand down the hot sleeping girl’s shorts and felt her nice ass. She slowly pulled her shorts down and felt her tight bare ass. The maid had a total anal fetish and loved licking girl’s asses.

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She bent over and spread her ass cheeks wide open and licked her asshole. She ate her ass out, licking her deep and getting so turned on by the whole thing that she could feel herself getting soaking wet. She left the house owner to sleep, with her shorts down around her ankles and went to the bathroom to finger her pussy and ass.


Anal licking movie by a girl that has a sleeping fetish.

I jumped over and checked out Sleeping Tushy today and found this red hot anal movie update on the site and thought I had to post some pictures from it because the anal licking movies in the site are amazing. This chick came home from work and found her hot roommate taking a nap on the couch. She pulled back the blanket and saw she was wearing a pair of short shorts that really showed off her round ass.

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She decided to make a move and see what she could get away with. This girl has a major ass fetish and sleeping fetish. She loves playing with other girl’s asses. She started playing with her hot roommate’s round ass then pulled her shorts down and felt her smooth skin. When she didn’t wake up she took it a step further and slid her finger right into her sweet, tight asshole.

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The anal fingering got her very turned on so she leaned in and licked her ass. She pressed her tongue against her ass and tongue fucked her while she squeezed her hot round ass cheeks. As she gave her a sleeping rim job she started to move so she covered her back up and skipped out of the room.


Sleeping fetish movies of a girl licking her roommate’s ass.

Sleeping Tushy continues to surprise me with wicked updates of sleeping fetish and anal fetish movies. They seem to always be in the right place at the right time to catch the best action. This update was sent right to them by the girl who licked her sleeping roommate’s tight ass. I wanted to share it with you because it is very hot.

sleeping fetish

The girl knew she had something fun in mind when she saw her sexy roommate asleep. She set up the camera then proceeded to rub her roommate’s body. When she didn’t wake up she Slid her hands inside her nylons and gave her an anal rubdown. Still still didn’t move so she really chanced it and pulled the pantyhose and panties down.

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With her bare ass right there she leaned over, spread her cheeks wide open and licked her ass. She tossed her salad as she slept, loving the taste of that sweet ass then she pushed her tongue into her asshole and gave her some deep oral anal action. All the while she never woke.  Her roommate started to stir so she jumped up grabbed the camera and ran. She sent the whole sleeping fetish movie to Sleeping Tushy