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The movies on Sleeping Tushy are always first rate. I like the fact that you can download them to your computer and watch them and the quality of them is always top notch. Not to mention the fact that they get feature the hottest girls having sleeping sex with other hot girls. These two got home from a long day at work on one of them stripped down her panties and collapsed asleep on the couch. Her friend came in and saw her and thought it was pretty hot so she walked over and grabbed her ass.

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Her ass felt good in her hands so she went to work squeezing and licking her ass then pulled her panties down. Her friend was so tired she didn’t budge. Her sleeping ass looked so nice and round, yet tight and firm that she had to take a bite out of it like it was a little apple. She licked her ass then spread her cheeks wide open and slid her tongue in.

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She has somewhat of a sleeping fetish because the only time she really wants to hook up with other girls is when they are sleeping. She tongued her sleeping friend’s ass and even gave it a little finger then pulled her panties up and went to her room to get a toy and finish herself off. Sleeping Tushy has the full video on their site.

Tossing her salad as she sleeps

Only the crazy mother fuckers at Sleeping Tushy would bring you something like this. I was just checking back in on their site to see what they had added since my last visit and saw this set with a guy full on eating a chicks ass while she was sleeping on the couch. This dude came home and found hit roommate’s girlfriend asleep on the couch. She was wearing a super short skirt that rode up and showed her ass so he want around back and lifted the skirt all the way up and pulled her panties down.

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Her ass is perfect and he wanted a taste so he spread her cheeks and gave it a lick. When she didn’t stir he decided to see just how far he could push it so he licked his finger and stuck it right in her ass. He never realized he had such a sleeping fetish, but licking and fingering this sleeping girl’s ass was really starting to turn him on.

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He opened her ass up and full on tossed her salad. She gave a little snore and shifted, but didn’t move. Once he had his fill of her sweet ass he pulled her skirt down and left her panties on the floor next to her. I bet she wonders how they got there and her ass got wet when she wakes up. Bravo to Sleeping Tushy for knocking this one out of the park.


A hot girl has sleeping sex with another babe

Once again Sleeping Tushy has outdone themselves. This newest update is rock solid and really shows why this site continues to be one of the best around. There is not other site out there with this type of kick ass sleeping fetish content. This update has a hottie coming across another girl sleeping and when she pulls back the covers she sees the sleeping girl is wearing a nice little pair of  lace panties. She decides to make a move and pulls the panties down.

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When the girl doesn’t wake up the hottie leans in and spreads her ass cheeks. That ass looks so edible that she has to taste is so she leans in and takes a nice long lick. The sleeping girl doesn’t move, she is out cold so the hottie keeps licking and full on tosses her salad as she sleeps.

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Her ass tastes like a peach and is so tight the hottie can barely fit her tongue in it. She keeps licking even going down and getting a taste of that pussy and trying to probe a finger into that tight asshole. All the while the sleeping babe didn’t stir and had no idea her friend was getting down with her. Sleeping Tushy rocks the boat and brings you the best sleeping fetish action anywhere on the planet.

A Horny coed fucks tongues her sleeping roommate

I love it when Sleeping Tushy finds the hot horny coeds that look all sweet and innocent only to have them turn out to be total freaks. This updates just tripped my wire when I saw it. It turns out these two hotties are college roommates and they one of them, Carrie, walked in and saw the other asleep on the couch. Her short dress had lifted up and exposed her sweet round ass. Carrie has a major sleeping fetish and a little bit lesbian to boot so she slid over and started rubbing that ass. When her roommate didn’t wake up she reached up and slowly pulled her thong down.

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With the roommate still fast asleep Carrie spread her ass cheeks wide open and took a lick of that nice coed ass. She had never had sleeping sex with a girl before, but doing this was getting her very hot. She tongued her ass until it was wet and her pussy was throbbing.

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She was just about to slide a finger into that sleeping ass when her roommate stirred so she pulled her dress down and went to her room. She was so horny from tongue fucking her sexy roommate’s ass that she was going to have to finger herself. Sleeping Tushy delivers the goods once again.

A little lesbian oral sleeping sex

I don’t know where Sleeping Tushy finds these crazy girls, but I am very happy they do and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite websites. I was on it today and found these sleeping fetish movies I had to share with you. This babe named Sally came home from work one afternoon and found her hot roommate asleep in just a t-shirt and panties. She lifted up the shirt and checked out her roommate’s sweet ass. Sally had never told her this, but she had always had a crush on her roommate and now was her chance to really have some fun.

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She reached down and grabbed that ass, giving it a nice squeeze and feeling it up good. When she saw that her roommate wasn’t waking up she pulled her panties down and felt her bare ass. That asshole was just crying out to be licked so she leaned over and slipped her tongue into it.

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Sally isn’t a full blown lesbian, she likes guys too, but she also has a major sleeping fetish and loves doing things to sleeping girls so as she slid her tongue into her sleeping roommate’s ass it got her so wet she just about came. As her roommate started to stir she pulled her panties back up and then hit the shower to use the massage head on herself so she could get herself off. Sleeping Tushing has the full movie of this hot lesbian sleeping sex encounter on their site.


Sleep Fetish Fun With a hot roommate.

The crazy bastards over at Sleeping Tushy seem to crank out the hot updates one after the other. Here they have one of my favorite recent updates where these people were having a party at their house and one of the girls from the party went into the bedroom and went to sleep. A few of the people from the party snuck into the bedroom and pulled the blankets down. The sleeping girl was just in panties and a shirt so the girl who pulled the blanket down started posing with her. She saw the ass on the sleeping girl and decided to have some fun.

party girls sleeping pull down her panties

She pulled those panties down and exposed that nice round ass then as her friends cheered her on she leaned down and licked that ass. This girl never thought she had a sleep fetish, but she found herself really getting aroused as she tongued this sleeping hotties ass.

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With her panties around her ankles the sleeping babe never woke as the part girl spread her cheeks wide open and flat out tongue fucked that tight ass and even licked some sweet pussy. Sleeping Tushy has all the pictures of this babe having sleeping sex at the party.

Her horny friend gets a taste.

This new update on Sleeping Tush rocked my world for a couple of reasons. First the girls are both smoking hot and second, the action is first rate. It appears that this hot chick came home and found her friend asleep in the chair. She got her other friend to grab a camera and take pictures while she posed with her sleeping friend. Then she pulled her panties down and licked her ass. The girl taking the pictures told her to spread her cheeks so she spread those ass cheeks wide.

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This whole thing was making her horny so she just forgot about the funny pictures and instead got naked and started rubbing her pussy while she wedged her tongue into the sleeping girl’s ass. It turns out this freak has a total sleeping fetish and seeing her hot friend like this made her want to have sleeping sex with her.

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She tongued that ass and pussy while rubbing her own pussy and her friend snapped away with the camera. After she came she grabbed her clothes and they hauled ass. The girl with the camera decided to send the pictures in to Sleeping Tushy so all the other sleeping fetish lovers could enjoy them.

She gets her sleeping ass creamed on.

I love it when you find pictures of people acting like real perverts. A recent update on Sleeping Tushy had pics and movies showing a guy coming in and finding his hot roommate asleep on her bed. She was half naked so he leaned over and grabbed her ass. When she didn’t move he stepped it up and licked her sweet ass. He pulled her thong aside and slid a finger into her pussy while licking her ass crack.

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He was getting hard as he was fingering her tight clam so he pulled off his clothes then slowly eased her out of her thong. She didn’t stir as he pressed his now hard cock up against her nice round ass and rubbed it all over her. He felt her pussy while stroking his rod. He thought about having sleeping sex with her, but he figured she would wake up for sure.

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Instead he stroked his tool and fired a nice hot load of man gravy all over her perfect ass cheeks. He got dressed and left the room leaving her bottomless and covered in spunk. Sleeping Tushy has all the pictures and wild movie. Anyone like me that is into sleeping fetishes should like their site.


She gets caught napping at work.

I love it when chicks get caught sleeping or passed out and don’t even realize when people are messing around with them. Sleeping Tushy has to be the best sleeping sex site around so I am over there all the time checking it out. They just added this sleeping fetish movie to the site so I wanted to share it with you. It seems this chick decided to get up on her desk and take a nap while at work. A couple of her co-workers came in and found her so they decided to see how soundly she was sleeping.

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They pulled up her skirt and exposed her nice round ass then slowly eased her thong down. She didn’t move so they spread her ass wide open and played with her asshole and she still didn’t move. It got them both so hot that the guy pulled his cock out and let the other girl play with it. She stroked his cock and sucked him while they both stared at the sleeping girl’s perfect ass.

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She sucked him good and let him play with her tits then she milked him dry and let him shoot his load all over the sleeping girl’s ass. They snuck out and when she woke she had a wet ass and no idea how it happened. You can check out the full sleeping fetish movie on Sleeping Tushy’s website.

Karen gets her sleeping ass licked

This one could go in the sleeping fetishes hall of fame. Karen had been hanging out over at Julia’s house one night and the two got to talking and had a few too many drinks so she spent the night. When Julia got up in the morning she saw Karen laying out on the floor, half naked and looking fantastic. Julia had always had a sleeping fetish so she had to see just how far she could go with her hot sleeping friend.

sleeping-fetish-1 sleeping-girls-fetish

She pulled back the blankets and played with her nice ass then eased her tight panties down. Karen didn’t budge as Julie felt her nice round ass. Julia licked her finger and slowly eased it into her Karen’s ass. She stirred a little bit, but didn’t wake up so Julia lowered her head down and slid her tongue between Karen’s sweet ass cheeks. She gave her a nice ass licking and was so turned on that she could feel her pussy getting wet. As Julia spread her ass open wide to really get her tongue in there Karen stirred again so Julia pulled her panties out and sneaked out of the room.

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Sleeping Tushy has tons of all original, exclusive content of hot girls getting licked and exposed as they sleep. It is one of the few, and by far the ultimate sleeping fetish site.